Good news
Scandinavians among the happiest people in the world. The Viking ship Draken will sail the Atlantic coast in 2017. 

Waffles for Our Lady
 End of March brings out the urge for waffles in Swedes, a sweet tradition created through, well, a mispronunciation. 

World Water Day
 'You cannot solve poverty without solving water and sanitation.' - Matt Damon, co-founder of 
Taking the waters
What happened to "taking the waters" in Sweden? Did it ever cure anything or was it just a way for the rich to mingle?  
News from Sweden
Lofven pushes gender equality. Finland Park memorial. Sweden's excellent public transportation. Victoria Day 2017. 
An early spring
The groundhog didn't see its shadow in Atlanta, though it must have done so in Sweden. 
Vasterbotten cheese quiche
Vasterbottenspaj (Vasterbotten's cheese pie) is a popular classic in Sweden.  
Swede Linus Sandgren wins an Oscar  Linus Sandgren, 44, of Stockholm, took home Sweden’s 30th Oscar with his win for... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »

Minnesota land of opportunity for Swedish ‘keeper
 Former IFK Goteborg goalkeeper John Alvbage now calls Minnesota and MLS home 
'Bamse' speaks out about fake news  Sweden hasn't wasted any time teaching children about fake news. Bamse, one of Swedish... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Security concerns jumpstart the draft
Sweden will reintroduce compulsory military service - for women and men. 

Nationalmuseum treasures in New York
 The Triumph of Venus, still in its original frame, commissioned by Tessin and exhibited at the Parisian Salon of 1740. 
Time for a semla
It used to be only on Fat Tuesday that you could eat a semla but we know you already started.  
Aggressive climate change agreement  In an announcement in early February, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven explained a law that's... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »

Land of opportunity
 Americans Broc Little and Garrett Roe build a hockey rink of dreams while playing in Sweden. 
Fried herring twice a year
In the Swedish immigrant neighborhood of Andersonville in Chicago, the Swedish American Museum knows how to do tradition. 
Mosebacke Torg and the Mosebacke Monarki
A walkabout in Stockholm south hills, about culture, art, humor and romance.  
Organic is no longer just a trend
Consumer demand for the local, the organic and pure continues to rise in Sweden.  
Revisiting the legacies of Jenny Lind
Many people walking by the interpretive marker in San Francisco have no inkling of Jenny Lind’s “rock star” fame, which the American press of the time dubbed “Lind Mania.” Still fewer would know that the Bancroft Library on the Berkeley campus of the University of California has photos revealing the celebratory spirit and civic pride of 1850 and the women in gowns and men in coattails transfixed by the newly constructed theatre in 1852.  
Skinny Swedish Pancakes
Simply the best and coming up this year on the same day as Fat Tuesday, a day devoted to the favorite semla pastry. 
Foodie Tourism
The new European destination for food. Sweden kicks off a program for international marketing and export of meal experiences. 
Need something Swedish?
New apps by Nordstjernan allow you to find anything anywhere in the U.S. 
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