ScandinavianFolk Festival in upstate New York
Celebrate Scandinavian culture in Jamestown, NY - with music and dance, food, lectures and exciting vendors. 

The Nordic Way I
 Part 1 in a series of The Nordic Way, on inequality and well-being in the Scandinavian nations. 
Design is everywhere
A new exhibit in Gothenburg highlights how a new generation of designers take on the problem of waste in the ocean. 
Documenting Swedish America
The photography of Lennart Setterdahl - depicting a lifetime of recording our mutual history in the United States. 
New Glass Now
The Corning Museum of Glass offers a blueprint of contemporary glass in a highly anticipated exhibit opening on May 11. 

The Herring lovers' cake
 The most popular kind of herring for Midsummer is the Matjes herring and over 1,500 tons will be served this weekend. 
Swedish summer in America 2019
Scandinavian summer celebrations: The most comprehensive listing of where you can celebrate a 'Svensk Midsommar' in the United States. 

Orienteering: It's all about finding your way
 Orienteering is a sport that mirrors the Scandinavian spirit - a love of the outdoors, a rational approach to detail and a respect for healthy competition.  
Suspected money laundering   Multi-billion amounts may have been laundered through Swedbank, according to an investigative reporting team... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
No help for ISIS Swedes  Donald Trump has urged European countries to take back their respective IS members captured... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Russian jet provocation  A Russian fighter jet flew just 70 feet (20 meters) from a Swedish signal... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
More foreign students   The number of international students at universities and colleges in Stockholm keeps rising and... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Best burgers in Europe
The list of 50 Best Burgers in Europe from Big 7 readers. 
Sweden ranks high among Best Countries
Best in the world for women, raising children and green living. 
Building tall in Sweden
Today, there are not many skyscrapers in Sweden, but this may change within a few years.  
Sweden's 'High Coast'
The area included on the World Heritage list stretches over 60 miles along the Baltic. 

Learning (and teaching) Swedish
 As we work on offering you more opportunities to practice your Swedish, we had the opportunity to hear from a teacher of Swedish in Sweden.  
Blue and yellow: the Swedish national costume
We wanted to offer a little history on nationella draekten, the national costume, and in our research we discovered there is more to the blue and yellow than meets the eye. 

Moving to Sweden
 What is it like to actually move to Sweden? A recently relocated Californian about his first year in Stockholm. 

A Swedish Midsummer!
 'Svensk Midsommar' - the traditions, the table and a selection of the most popular recipes. 
Chalmers and Berkeley
Chalmers teams up with Berkeley to help Volvo Cars  
Midsummer 101
A Swedish midsummer is "endless" summer with sun, fun, great food, flowers, dancing and joy ... a piece of Swedish culture to be proud of.  
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