Swedes and citrus in the Sunshine State
 They’re a symbol of the Sunshine State; when you think oranges in the United States, you think Florida. You certainly don’t think Sweden.  
UN Security Council to convene in Sweden
The annual informal work session of the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council is held at Dag Hammarskjold's farm Backåkra in southern Sweden. 
Innovation 360 in Chicago
How to be prepared for and adapt and embrace the inevitable in today's business climate. 

Sami exhibit opens in Philadelphia
 Photographer Erika Larsen introduces the day-to-day lives of modern Sami families through her acclaimed photography exhibition: Sami - Walking with Reindeer.  
The Swedish Vessla
Move over Elon Musk - a Swede has developed a stylish electric scooter that saves the world from fossil fuels. 

Opening reception for 'A Selection'
 An exhibit of works in several media by Stina Wollter opens at the Swedish Church, New York. 
Waffles for Our Lady
End of March brings out the urge for waffles in Swedes, a sweet tradition created through, well, a mispronunciation. 
Explicit consent required  In the new proposal sexual consent is identified as the obvious: it must be... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week
A Swedish Easter: The symbols, the food, the traditions 
Why is everything a rag
Solo exhibition by Swedish artist Jockum Nordstrom at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans. 
Who wants to be a millionaire?  One in five Swedes considers himself a millionaire. There are just over 300,000 Swedes with... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Spicing Up Waffle Day
March 25 is Waffle Day vaaffeldagen, the day for eating waffles ... waffles with whipped cream and jam are being served almost anywhere you go. Now for the de luxe versions. 

Heritage Travel
 Being able to find your Swedish relatives and visit the homeland is a dream for many Americans. It is also a dream for Swedes to travel to the U.S. to learn more about what happened to their family members that left the homeland. 
Travel news
The recent list of best hotels in Sweden offered a few surprises and new names. 
Our favorite crisp bread
Knaeckebroed - with two umlauts and sounding just the way it tastes is the most Swedish of all breads. 
Excitement in Seattle
Excitement builds in anticipation of the opening of Seattle's new Nordic Museum in May. 

Raoul Wallenberg: To Me, There's No Other Choice
 The official exhibition, "To me there's no other choice - Raoul Wallenberg 1912-2012," organized by the Swedish Institute and supported by the Swedish government, has been traveling around the world over the last few years. It is currently in Portland, Oregon at Nordic Northwest. 

Big wine on a small scale
 A meeting with a private Oregon winemaker who produces about 100 cases of excellent wine for private consumption every year. (Oregon is the number four producer of wine in the U.S.) 
Bernadotte 200 years
The Swedish royal family holds a powerful and peaceful distinction that no other European royal family can claim.  
How safe is Sweden?
We consulted a couple of organizations that specialize in finding out. 
Food deliveries into your fridge   The smart lock company Glue, and food delivery company Mathem in Stockholm, have initiated... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Putting a stop to religious schools
Private religious schools do not belong in the Swedish school system, according to the Social Democrats. 

Stockholm Walkabout: Klara kvarteren
 The place most Swedes would regard as the center of Stockholm is Sergels Torg. This is a popular meeting place in Stockholm for all tourists, and it happens to be close to the “lost soul of Stockholm,” the Klara neighborhood.  
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