Baby boom after Valentine's Day?
 Not necessarily ... in, for instance Sweden, the lowest number of babies are born nine months after Valentine's day. 
Happy Valentine's Day
The perfect gift for your special Valentine .. Life made Sweder - give a home delivery subscription to America's Swedish newspaper. 

Tax reform for dual citizens
 In the age of Trump, how are Swedish income and assets taxed in the USA? How will you be taxed in the U.S. if you move to Sweden? 
Nordic impressions in NYC  Nordic impressions, Swedish artists in the Big Apple.... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Noble journey through Sweden's heartland
Ski or walk on the snowy tow paths in the winter then warm up in a canal side cafe. Watch the locks in action, hear live music at a waterfront festival, visit a museum or have a great meal. Take a boat trip through the winding waterway that connects Sweden's east coast with the west. In any season, one can feel the presence of more than 200 years of Gota Canal history.  
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Sweden ranks high among Best Countries
Best in the world for women, raising children and green living. 

'Warring country' Sweden ..?
 Over 200 years of peace but maybe not as peaceful as we sometimes expect. 
How are those New Year's resolutions going?
The way you formulate your resolution makes you more or less likely to be successful. 
Lousiana Landscapes
A painter and woodcarver from Smaland in Sweden's south made New Orleans home. 
A lesser known chapter in an icon's life
The film 'Becoming Astrid' about Astrid Lindgren opens with scenes of the beloved author late in life. 
Ten years of Scandinavian theater in New York
... offering contemporary plays and inventive takes on the classics from all of the Nordic countries. 
Sweden gets new government
Finally. Stefan Lofven starts his second four-year term as prime minister - forming a government four months after the election and weeks of political wrangling. 
Destination New Orleans
Visiting the Big Easy you'll be unable to miss the Swedish-run Trolley Stop Cafe. 

Stockholm City Hall
 A short walkabout at one of Stockholm's most famous buildings.  
Lost Larson Limpa
Andersonville, the historically Swedish neighborhood of Chicago, has welcomed the next generation of tradition builders into their midst.  
Science and poetry meet
Swedish Nobel prize laureate Harry Martinson's epic story from 1956, 'Aniara' 
Biking to work in winter
The backside: Since 2008 cyclists are the largest group of severely injured in traffic in Sweden. 

A kudos for volunteers
 Every volunteer, spending time and effort, is a piece of the puzzle that is Swedish America at Christmas. 
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Swedish News
The benefits of the candy tax. Swedes go to the source to use less tech. Modified committee to choose Nobel Prize in Literature. Sweden helps secure release of American. 
Swedes are more connected than ever
The dividing line is no longer between those who use the internet and those who don't but between frequent and rare users.  
Nordic online sales on the increase  In the Nordic region, online sales increased 11 percent over the same period last... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
30% European on Netflix  The European Parliament voted in favor of a proposal for new regulations that force... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Harvesting light  Swedish startup Epishine, founded in 2016, is working to produce cheap, scalable and climate-smart... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
What happens now?  Sweden is not without governance but positions remain locked among the blocs after the... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Our favorite crisp bread
Knaeckebroed - with two umlauts and sounding just the way it tastes is the most Swedish of all breads. 

Learning (and teaching) Swedish
 As we work on offering you more opportunities to practice your Swedish, we had the opportunity to hear from a teacher of Swedish in Sweden.  
China to boycott Swedish goods?  A diplomatic predicament between China and Sweden has led to calls for a boycott... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
The Swedish election 2018
The mandate, which bounced between parties during the week, is after the final count distributed in the same way as after the preliminary results. 

Travel in Sweden, top to bottom
 Whether you want your holiday to provide you with a rush of adrenaline, a bit of peace and quiet, an enriching cultural experience or a combination of the three, the old country might just be the ideal destination.  
Blue and yellow: the Swedish national costume
We wanted to offer a little history on nationella draekten, the national costume, and in our research we discovered there is more to the blue and yellow than meets the eye. 
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