There's no such thing as bad weather ...
 Nature is a critical part of school and growing up for Scandinavians. Education occurs inside and out at the Scandinavian School. 

Swedish late summer traditions near you
 When the long days of summer begin to wane, Swedes everywhere celebrate a century-old love affair with a clawed crustacean. 
Swedish traditions: 'Kraftskivan' - your own crayfish party
Crayfish, crawfish, in Swedish simply kraftor [kr'ef:tor] Checklist, how to create your own. 
An Ode to the Swedish Crayfish
Nowhere is the crayfish so ardently worshipped as in Sweden. Part of the reason is purely gastronomic. In flavor, the rare Swedish crayfish surpasses its relatives in other countries.  
Sweden's summer party season
Some lucky Swedes can attend (at least) three parties during the late summer season as crayfish, fermented herring, and eel all make an appearance during the month of August – with parties in their honor filling up the calendar through early autumn. 

Travel in Sweden, top to bottom
 Whether you want your holiday to provide you with a rush of adrenaline, a bit of peace and quiet, an enriching cultural experience or a combination of the three, the old country might just be the ideal destination.  
Absolut Art at Newark
SAS has partnered with to create a showcase of works at the Newark Liberty International Airport SAS Lounge. 

An exhibition steeped in art opens in Minneapolis
 The exhibition on acclaimed Swedish clothing designer/entrepreneur Gudrun Sjoden is open until Oct. 28 at the American Swedish Institute. 
Volvo Cars has opened its first U.S. plant
Volvo Cars opened its new U.S. plant with the unveiling of its new S60 luxury sedan. 

The art of baking Swedish
 21st century cookies baked from recipes passed down through the generations.  
Meet Jenny Lind on Times Square, NYC
An installation in central New York City showcases the world renowned Swedish singer. 
Blue and yellow: the Swedish national costume
We wanted to offer a little history on nationella draekten, the national costume, and in our research we discovered there is more to the blue and yellow than meets the eye. 
The Wonderful World of Pippi Longstocking
Find Pippi's treasure in Philadelphia this summer. 
Forest fire danger  The combination of little rain and warm temperatures has given the forest fire season... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Guilty of terrorism  On April 7, 2017, Rakhmat Akilov stole a truck and drove it at high... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
IKEA might be back in town
After many years on the outskirts of towns IKEA might be venturing into our inner cities with smaller stores. 
The Swedish Vessla
Move over Elon Musk - a Swede has developed a stylish electric scooter that saves the world from fossil fuels. 
Explicit consent required  In the new proposal sexual consent is identified as the obvious: it must be... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Who wants to be a millionaire?  One in five Swedes considers himself a millionaire. There are just over 300,000 Swedes with... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Travel news
The recent list of best hotels in Sweden offered a few surprises and new names. 

Swedes and citrus in the Sunshine State
 They're a symbol of the Sunshine State. When you think oranges in the United States, you think Florida. You certainly don't think Sweden.  
Our favorite crisp bread
Knaeckebroed - with two umlauts and sounding just the way it tastes is the most Swedish of all breads. 
Bernadotte 200 years
The Swedish royal family holds a powerful and peaceful distinction that no other European royal family can claim.  
How safe is Sweden?
We consulted a couple of organizations that specialize in finding out. 
Food deliveries into your fridge   The smart lock company Glue, and food delivery company Mathem in Stockholm, have initiated... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Midsummer 101
A Swedish midsummer is "endless" summer with sun, fun, great food, flowers, dancing and joy ... a piece of Swedish culture to be proud of.  
'Helan Går ...'
If you ever plan to join a Swedish dinner party there’s something you should know.  
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