The benefits of (Swedish) nature
A new case study is investigating the secret of Sweden’s love affair with the outdoors and how it affects people’s health – in 72 hours. 

The worst apple harvest in 50 years
 Frost damage early in the budding stage made the flowers in the trees wither instead of form apples, and many of the already growing apples were damaged by the frost. 
Enjoy these local events
A variety of things are going on around Swedish America, including several long-term events that will soon close. (And if there are more opportunities for enjoying princess cake, please let us know!) 
Gothenburg's bicycle taxi
Another Swedish startup had double the success when it started attracting a new clientele this summer. 
Sweden Today:
Swedes in Stockholm are the most tattooed people in the world. Swedish boy breaks a world record. Packing on the pounds. Swedish pensions not so perfect. Luxury yacht stuns Swedes. 

Master studies in Stockholm
 Representatives of Stockholm University are coming to the U.S. this fall to promote their Master's degree programs taught in English. Many American students have studied there, and here are some of their experiences.  
Swedish News
Royal baby boom. Swedish company dominates music streaming industry. New Swedish ambassador. Leader of centre-right Moderates resigns. Swimming phenom reigns. Sweden's strong economy. Sweden in bidding war for EU agency. 

Biggest military exercise in 23 years
 With the help of 1,000 U.S. troops and others, the three-week military exercise starts on Sept. 11. 
Sweden's 2017 Oscar submission
The favorite Swedish contender for this year's Oscar for Best Foreign Film, Ruben Ostlund's The Square won the selection. 
A herd of wild horses
Leave it to some proud Swedish Americans to create the world's largest (and probably only) herd of wild Dala horses. Come find them during Svensk Hyllningsfest, October 13-14, 2017 

Peter Carlsson returns to Sweden fully charged
 Northvolt batteries, which recently picked two locations in Sweden as potential future sites for its first factory will help Sweden become carbon neutral. 

An Ode to the Swedish Crayfish
 Nowhere is the crayfish so ardently worshipped as in Sweden. Part of the reason is purely gastronomic. In flavor, the rare Swedish crayfish surpasses its relatives in other countries.  
A life less ordinary
Legendary fashion photographer Gösta 'Gus' Peterson passed away at 94. 

Johansson and Ygeman leave
 Swedish PM Lofven transforms government after the Alliance parties threatened with a mistrust vote against three of his ministers. 
A Swedish icon returns to Chicago
The historic blue and yellow water tower in Andersonville is making a comeback after two years' absence from the museum roof. 
Chalmers alumni in Atlanta
Annual meeting of the Chalmers Alumni Association of the U.S. brought 'spex' to the hometown of Coca Cola.  

Summer travel itinerary: Gotland
 The Swedish island qualified for a second place in Lonely Planet's list of places in Europe worth a visit. 

San Francisco Swedish landmark plaque unveiled
 Recognizing the historic status of the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. 
Allemansraetten - Everyman's right
There are certain things that are so Swedish, they could be symbols for the country. And now another is being shared with all of us. #freedomtoroam  
Sweden joins JET   Sweden joins the Joint Expeditionary Force (JET) led by Britain. Joining Denmark, Estonia, Latvia,... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
War games in Sweden
Aurora 17 is the largest military exercise in Sweden since 1993.  
Give peace a chance?   Throughout the decades, Sweden was seen as a country that supported and approved the... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »

Volvo makes all cars electric in 2019
 As of 2019, all new Volvos will be equipped with an electric engine. 
IKEA 44 in the U.S.
Furniture chain IKEA has come a long way since we covered its first store in Plymouth Meeting just outside Philadelphia in 1985.  

Walkabout Tour of Stockholm I
 .. walk in the city of my youth: Leif Rosqvist goes for a walk through his old neighborhoods in the heart of Stockholm. 
Watch where you park in Stockholm
Driving and parking in Sweden's capital can be a bit of a challenge depending on where you're going. 
Sweden is 'heaven for cloud computing'
Business Sweden reports on Amazon's latest investment in cloud services in the Stockholm area. 
Search for anything Nordic or Swedish
Nordstjernan's apps facilitate the search for Nordic suppliers, products and services or events in the United States. 
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