Our Cultural Luggage
 A fiddler in Oakland, California recently performed a concert of music the early Swedish immigrants brought with them to America. This concert got Swedish American Kitty Hughes thinking about the ways cultural traditions are needed and shared. 

Swedish Christmas - The season of light
 Watch the Swedish Lucia celebration. Above, Sofia Lidskog, former Boston SWEA Lucia, photographed posing as Lucia in 2006 by Laguna Beach. Photo: Henrik Olund for Nordstjernan and Nordic Reach. 
Lucia Songs  The oldest folksy Lucia singers sang either Lusse or Lussebrud (Lucia Bride). But the... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Swedish blogger in court  The debate in Sweden on stealth advertising by influencers in social media has grown... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Lesser known about Lucia celebrations
In western Sweden it was also customary that the autumn work should be finished the night before Lucia.  

Carlstad launches crusade for American football
 We want to create connections for players coming to Sweden after they graduate from American universities and for Swedish players going to universities in the U.S. 
Swedish Lucia, the Queen of Light
The Lucia celebration is something that Swedes themselves, and also the rest of the world consider as the most typical Swedish tradition. 

The quick and easy Glogg Party
 Any of the four Sundays of Advent is a perfect excuse for putting together your own party. 
Housing prices on the decrease  In a long-awaited trend, the too-hot Swedish housing market is finally showing signs of... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »

The Tomte World Cup comes to a stop
 Some of you may have thought there's only one but Sweden has seen a convening of Santas for years. 
Ingmar Bergman 100 Year Jubilee
Ingmar Bergman was born in Uppsala, Sweden on July 14, 1918. More celebrated than any film director in history, his legendary talent is being celebrated with a 100-year-jubilee throughout 2018 – around the entire world.  
Western Sweden braces for Brexit
Almost a year and a half after the historic vote to have the United Kingdom leave the EU, Brexit has companies in Sweden bracing for a backlash.  
2017 Holiday events in Swedish America
Find a Swedish celebration near you through our comprehensive guide. 
Search for anything Nordic or Swedish
Nordstjernan's apps facilitate the search for Nordic suppliers, products and services or events in the United States. 

 The first Sunday of Advent is just as important as Lucia in Sweden. Advent - the four weeks leading up to Christmas. 
Here's hoping Santa brings that puppy this year
A study by researchers in Sweden reveal dog owners live longer. 
Glogg recipes
Apple glogg recipe and an old fashioned for the traditionalists; links to the side dishes you need for the party. 
Nature whispers 'meet me here'
Swedish San Francisco-based artist Charlotte Bernstrom explores feelings about nature and our place in it. 
The Importance of Being Swedish
Part I: The Fundamentals of the Swedish Immigration 
One roof, two generations
A remedy for 'the loneliest population' in the world according to Statistics Sweden. 

You know you've been in Sweden too long when ...
 your lunch habits change, Fridays get a new meaning and you silently accept queuing up to be able to enter a queue. 

The Swedish Blue Zones
 Coined by National Geographic, Blue Zones are geographic areas around the world where people are living happy, productive lives well up to and even past the age of 100.  
Pomona's Lost Children
A new book from one of our readers covers uncommon, "antique" fruits - most of them not so uncommon in Sweden. 

Walkabout Tour of Stockholm I
 .. walk in the city of my youth: Leif Rosqvist goes for a walk through his old neighborhoods in the heart of Stockholm. 
Swedish super berries
Readily available everywhere in Sweden.  
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