The Olympic Summer Games are over
 All of the Nordic nations competed and competed well throughout the games and brought home a total of 31 medals. 
Sliders on the grill
Go different this Labor Day: Vegetarian sliders, mini pizza and chef Anders Tegner's best BBQ Tips 
Self-driving Volvos in Pittsburgh
The online-based transportation network Uber will be launching autonomous rides in Pittsburgh later this month. 

IKEA furniture recall
 Safety Crisis Part II: IKEA’s problem with furniture tip-over crisis won’t go away 
In Swedish History
On August 25, 1956: Swedish marine technician and amateur naval archaeologist Anders Franzen (1918-1993) discovers the warship Vasa, built 1626-1628. 
Borgholm, Sweden's royal summer capital
On August 28, 2016, the only city on Sweden's second largest island will celebrate its 200th anniversary. 

Eleven medals for Sweden
 After the soccer final and Saturday's women's mountain bike race, Sweden has eleven medals. 
A Swedish summer's nuisances
Yes, there are some. Not many, far from deadly unless you're extremely unlucky but, alas there a few 
Thank you Jamestown!
It is a rare occasion when you feel welcomed by an entire town, but I have all of Jamestown, NY to thank for making me feel welcomed, happy and completely at home.  

Our Cultural Luggage
 A fiddler in Oakland, California recently performed a concert of music the early Swedish immigrants brought with them to America. This concert got Swedish American Kitty Hughes thinking about the ways cultural traditions are needed and shared. 
Kubb and a concert
Ulf, this event is really just an event description - and it's in the calendar. 
Skaal to Vasa's 2016 akvavit competition!
Every year the entries to the competition and presentations become more delicious and creative. 
Nordic hyperloop could offer high speed travel   Hyperloop One, an LA-based startup, released a study early in July saying it's feasible... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Taxi translators speak your language  As taxi companies around the world are forced to compete with Uber, the competition... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Search for anything Nordic or Swedish with new apps
Nordstjernan releases new apps to facilitate the search for Nordic suppliers, products and services or events in the United States. 
Need something Swedish?
New apps by Nordstjernan allow you to find anything anywhere in the U.S. 
I scream for ice cream
Swedes have a love affair with ice cream and eat 12-13 liters of ice cream per person per year (that's 3.4 U.S. gallons), but they aren't the biggest consumers in the world. 
A seat on the UN Security Council  In an exciting vote that was well above the required two-thirds majority, Sweden won... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
Sweden paves the way for electric highways   A two-kilometer test stretch for electric vehicles, in an environmentally conscious move toward the... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
The 'goodest' nation in the world  Sweden is the country that makes the greatest contribution to humanity, according to the... READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT NORDSTJERNAN »
The Vikings leave Green Bay and head east
You might do what I'm planning, which is to see the fantastic Draken Harald Hårfagre in Green Bay, then go on to Door County for some Swedish meatballs and raise a glass to toast the Viking crew. This is Draken's last stop in the Great Lakes. 
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